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By | November 7, 2018

KMSpico, Only Solution to Activate Ms Office & Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10: KMSpico is key management software which is used to activate Microsoft products. KMSPICO is that tool which is used by millions of people to activate Microsoft Products for free. It is one of the Best Windows Activator Tool. One can use Microsoft activated by the KMSPICO to enable their premium features of the product without any expiry date. KMSPICO Tool is specially designed by its creators to activate Windows 7/8/8.1/10 operating Systems & Microsoft office. After the Activation one’ll be able to use all the features of these Microsoft products without any expire time period. So not only me but also a lot of people say that KMSPICO is the best tool to activate Microsoft office & Windows.

Download KMSpico (Download KMSauto Net):

One can download KMSPICO activator Tool from official website which is Once you downloaded the software make sure to turn off windows firewall as well as windows defender. Also make sure to trun off antivirus if any activated in your system. See KMSpico is not a virus and it doesn’t have any virus in its files. But due to nature of this software firewall, defender and antivirus can remove its base files. This may cause error while running KMSpico to activate ms windows or any other ms products.  Once done all above things. Now is the time to extract the kmspico tool which was downloaded earlier. It may be available in Download Folder of your system.  Now you can easily activate ms office or windows for lifetime using the instructions given on official website which is Its true this tool can activate all premium features of the ms products including MS Office and Windows. So if you wish to unlock the cool options and want to remove the limitations, then you must use this tool to activate windows and ms office. See there will be no expiry date of these Microsoft products which you will activate using KMSAuto Net.

Is KMSpico Safe (Is KMSauto Net Safe)?

While I was describing the process to use kmspico I updated that turn of security software’s such as windows firewall & defender as well as antivirus if any activated. So may be some people started thinking that KMSpico may have virus that’s why I am saying to turn off security software’s but it is not true. Actually this is just because some core files can be removed by these security software’s if you didn’t turned them off. So better to keep them turned off until you activate the premium features of Microsoft Products. And for now yes its 100% safe to use kmsauto net activator (is kmspico safe – yes). Later one can uninstall KMSpico and remove KMSpico completely (steps are given below in Uninstall KMSpico section).

How to Activate Windows 7/8/10?

As of now everyone knows what is KMSpico and is KMSpico Safe or not but in this section one will be able to know how to activate Microsoft Windows 7, how to activate Microsoft Windows 8, how to activate Microsoft Windows 8.1 and how to activate Microsoft Windows 10.

Check the whole guidelines concerning the way to activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with 32 bit and 64 bit and in next section we will guide you how to activate MS office 2013, MS Office 2016 latest version. So, one must browse complete article and follow the given instructions. See there are two options to use premium features of Microsoft Windows either buy the premium license or you must activate the MS Window using KMSpico.  If one doesn’t want to activate then one can’t use some awesome premium features of MS Windows. So, to unlock these premium features activation or license is must. Make sure to follow the instructions given on official website of kmspico (

How to Activate MS Office (2007/2010/2013/2016)

Want to use all the premium features of MS office? Don’t want to invest for license? Well then you are on the right place. Here we will help you to active MS office 2007/2010/2013/2016 using KMSpico. It’s not too much tough and doesn’t need much technical knowledge but one need to follow some instruction.  Step by step guide to activate MS office using KMSauto net is given on official site which is Make sure to download the KMSauto Net Zip file and extract it using the given password. Once you have extracted the files. Just follow the instructions and activate premium features of MS office for lifetime. Yes there will be no expiry date.

KMSpico Portable

KMSpico Portable is the most productive, often updated and 100 percent clean tool to activate any version of Microsoft Office & MS Windows and inside matter of seconds. Worried if it has some virus or malware? No worry about it, KMSauto Net is clean software, self tested and verified. But make sure to follow only official site which is Some other fake sites are also available on internet. So just ignore them and directly search and open and follow all the instructions given there to activate the MS products.

KMSauto Net Zip

KMSauto Net is the file everyone needs to download and use to activate MS office, windows and other Microsoft products. Worried about from where to download kmsauto net? It is recommended to download KMSauto net from official kmsauto website which is only. Once you have the KMSauto Net Zip file in your system. Just extract it using the given password on official Kmspico website.  Then to activate the ms products follow the steps accordingly as given on the official website of kmspico.

Last but not least, here in this article we have included everything about KMSpico, What is KMSpico, How to download kmspico, how to use kmspico, how to remove and how to uninstall kmspico etc But it is recommended to use this content for education purpose and for experiment purpose. We value the efforts of original developers of Microsoft products and it is highly recommended to use only premium products from original developers using the premium license keys.

In case anyone want to know more or facing any issues. Don’t hesitate to connect with us using comment section. Or you can directly ask questions on KMSpico official website.

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