Top 5 lightweight WordPress themes that you should try

By | August 5, 2019

The lightweight WP themes are being well developed and functioned specifically for the digital marketers, freelancers, agencies, businesses, communities, non profitable enterprises, and for the resembling websites.

These best word-press themes will maintain to be very informative for the viewers and will keep them up to date about all the forthcoming events. Like services about all optimization and some further news about what is happening in your local communities.

There is a reason why lightweight WordPress have been chosen because they can be setup without any difficulties, customizable, and most importantly will get full support from its creators. They can also boost up your website ranking. There are some more benefits that you can read at

What makes lightweight WordPress theme best option?

We all know that having a lightweight based theme with nonprofit enterprises and is said to be worth more than millions dollars industry and most of the people probably don’t get thatand some really thinks like it is a profitable one.

These themes are made for one purpose is to provide their community the information through their websites about what is new changing is happening in the outside world. Nowadays, it is very necessary that you have a quick loading foundation with traditional styling websites that you keep them daily up to date.

So, we have select 5 best lightweight wordpress themes 2019 for you that are based on lowest data consuming websites.

1) Generate press:

generate press lightweight wordpress theme

Using this theme you will get so many options to choose from like, translating ready system, it is compatible with any site, different colors with several options. You can download the latest version of it. Because it works on just one click install option.

File size: 104.8 KB


Zakra wordpress lightweight theme

The newest word-press theme made based lightweight formation. It has the characteristics of some key functions which are needed for a present trendy website. This theme use the layouts adaption that lefts the viewers with no doubts of possibilities. In which device they may prefer from mobiles and PC’s.

File size: 97.7 KB


ASTRA wordpress lightweight theme

This theme was made for the page builders. It follows the pattern of green texture and grim style type border around it. It is also the most in demand now for the people making a website and wants to run it as soon as possible. Also you can change content width along with some other accessibilities.

File size: 175.3 KB

4) AIRI:

airi lightweight wordpress theme

It is known for giving its owner the complete control on any aspect of the color used in a website. It also features adaptation layouts so you cab adjusting to any kind of device, by using WP widget all of its homepages can be used in customizable.

File size: 544.6 KB

5) Ocean-WP:

Ocean WP Lightweight WordPress theme

Ocean-WP is another famous word-press theme for page builders and comes with plenty of customization options as well. This theme also comes in premium that comes with more functionality and stability along with social sharing button.

File size: 635.7 KB

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