What Is Google Question Hub ?

By | June 18, 2020

Google has an answer to every question” did you ever came across this phrase?

Well, to enhance your knowledge let me tell you that around 15% of daily search queries of Google have no answer. It means daily around 15% of queries are searched on google which has no answer on Google.


Let us give you one more shock.

You can find out what questions are mostly searched & are unanswered on Google.

Want to know how? Then keep reading.

So the platform we are gonna talk about is Google Question Hub. 

It is a new tool launched by Google, but currently, it is in its Beta version

It is available in only 3 countries India, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

Most people perform a search in their native language on Google in these countries but they didn’t get an answer in their native language.

So to fill this gap Google came up with the Google Question Hub

What Is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub is a knowledge market platform developed by Google. A Knowledge market platform helps to share knowledge resources.

Similarly, Google Question Hub helps to share knowledge for the unanswered questions on google. 

How Google Question Hub Works?

Google Question Hub works on not-known search algorithms to collect unanswered web search queries from across the internet for that region.

Like you can search questions in Hindi, Bangla, Bahasa Indonesia, etc. 

Google Question Hub collects such answered questions & add them to categories.

Like if you search “what is Bitcoin?”, then it will fall under the Technology category.

If you search for “How to stay safe from COVID-19?”, then it comes under the health category. 

Google Says “To access Question Hub, publishers need to link their account to verified properties in Search Console. For publishers without a Search Console account, other options are available. Once they’ve created an account, they can explore topics relevant to their work by either searching for keywords or browsing categories (e.g. Beauty & Fitness). Once a topic is added, they can view unanswered questions asked by real people.

How It Is Helpful For You?

Now comes the question of what is the use of unanswered questions?

So let us tell you precisely Use these answered questions in your content creation.

Yes, you read it right. You can search the question of your niche, then you will get answered the question.

Use these questions as your content idea. In this way, you will get less competition & good traffic

You can use this tool to narrow down your keyword research. Irrespective of the fact that what topic you choose you will find too many answered questions here which will directly help you in your content.

Let us explain this to you with an example, let say you search for “Bitcoin”.

Then the results are:

Now click on “ADD” & questions will be added to your feed. In the following way:

You can answer these questions with the link to your article or website.

You can also track the performance of your answer such as impressions & clicks. 

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